Monday, February 20, 2012

CLC Membership Survey

Xin coi dien tien cua survey. Ban WG se extend deadline cho den cuoi thang 2 de co the co them nguoi lam survey. DH has way more than 210 members, don’t you think? Noi Hop Mat Vung cua mot vung khong thoi cung khoang dau do roi.


From: []
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 9:12 PM

Dear CLC Leaders,
A couple of people have asked to extend the deadline for closing the CLC-USA Member Survey and we would like to see if we can increase the response rate a little more. I estimate that about 40% of CLC members have responded. We have decided to leave the survey open until the end of February. I have attached the latest summary results for completed surveys. Let me know if you have any questions.



Mh xin cac anh chi em nhac nho vung cua minh lam survey nhe. Co le chi moi khoang 40% members dien survey. Mh xin nhan manh la nhung chi tiet cua survey nay rat quan trong cho DH sau nay. Ngoai ra, qua survey nay, BPV co the nhan ra nhung nhu cau ve formation, ve communication .

Minh chiu kho them mot chut xiu nua di nha.



Dear Friends,
I had hoped by now to be in touch with many of you by phone or email to follow up on the "Our home in Rome" project.  It was great to see many of you in Dallas and be part of the Dong Hanh Assembly.  I came home intending to follow up personally but am only getting back to you now and that by email.   The lupus which had been in remission for over 6 years has flared up again and though I am not nearly as sick as I was in 2004, it has slowed me down considerably.  So I am following up this way and hoping some of you will be in a position to support the project. 
We have now raised over 210,000 of the 330,000 Euros we need.  I travel to Rome on Thursday for our annual meeting and will give a report on CLC USA and Canada.  Please consider making a pledge to the project in the next several weeks.  You can make a pledge by responding to this email or  contacting Kitty Gray, our CLC USA treasurer.  She has set up a restricted fund for the project. 
Thank you for considering this request.  Please also keep me and the upcoming ExCo meeting in your prayer as I travel to Rome this week.  


+ + +

Cac anh chi va cac ban men,

Mh hy vong cac ace va cac ban ung ho World-CLC accommodation project nay. Su dong gop cua tung thanh vien la vien gach de giup CLC duoc on dinh hon ve tai chanh. Mh xin gui kem voi email nay presentation (pdf format) ma van phong WCLC da soan de cat nghia ve accommodation project. Doi voi Mh, project nay se giup cho CLC ve duong dai de co tai chinh giup trong cac cong viec tong do o nhung quoc gia dang can den.

Duoc biet co mot vai anh chi da dong gop, Mh rat mung. Hy vong se co nhieu anh chi huong ung hon. Mh nghi su tham gia cua DH, it nhieu tuy kha nang, noi len su hiep nhat cua minh voi tat ca cac ace trong CLC the gioi. We are one world community.

Thuong men trong Ngai,

+ + +

Dear chi MH,

Is it true that we can send in a pledge but we don’t have to send in the full amount right awaỵ  We can send it in as installments of that is better.    Please confirm before any of us send in our pledge.


+ + +

Yes you can pledge and pay later. Here is Lois' reply to the pledge question:
"Yes you can contribute later.  We are simply asking people to let us know how much--when they can and whether to expect their pledge before or after February 29th so we can plan.  Many pledges will come in later in 2012--perhaps some even later" 

 Please make your donation check to CLC-USA,
3601 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108
Attn: World CLC Accommodation project

CLC-USA has established a restricted fund for this project. You will receive a tax receipt for your contribution


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Invitation to S. E. E. D. Formation Summit

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

S.E.E.D Ministry started out as a small seed in 2004 when a group of parents of a Đồng-Hành CLC group in Arizona contemplated the needs of their children to develop their spiritual life. They dreamed to have an adapted Ignatian retreat as a part of the children’s spiritual formation in the CLC way of life. It was in 2006 that the first S.E.E.D Retreat took place in Flagstaff, Arizona with the collaboration of Hạt Cải, a Đồng-Hành group of university students as retreat leaders, and Nazareth Đồng-Hành family group as parent organizers. Since then, 6 years of piloting have passed with S.E.E.D retreats spreading from AZ to TX in Midwest Region, to CA in Southwest Region, and to PA in Northeast Region, also with great collaborative efforts from young adult retreat leaders and adult organizers from these regions. In year 2013, Denver is projected to have its first S.E.E.D retreat.

As we move toward discerning whether this is God's call for Đồng-Hành to formalize the retreat program as a national ministry, we confirm the desire and need for this type of retreat for our Đồng-Hành regions everywhere. At Đồng-Hành Assembly 2011, S.E.E.D was approved to be a ministry embraced and supported by the whole community. Although this was good news to us, it poses new challenges as we recognize the lack of retreat leaders and organizers that are properly trained and further supported with ongoing formation, and thus the need to gather for a formation summit with the following objectives:
  • To reflect on the graced history of SEED and discern the vision and mission of SEED ministry.
  • To form lay SEED retreat Leaders and Organizers
  • To elect Đồng Hanh National Coordinator for SEED Ministry
With gratitude to God and joy of heart, we are sending this invitation to Ban Phục Vụ to be sent to those who have been involved in S.E.E.D as retreat leaders, organizers and/or potential leaders, organizers to come to our first S.E.E.D Formation Summit to be held in Arizona, March 29 to April 1, 2012 (Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) hosted at the residence of anh chị Tom and Mai Zaengle, 362 W. Aster Drive, Chandler, AZ 85248. We would also like to invite members of Ban Phục Vụ and Formation Teams (national and regional) to join us in this exciting journey. It is our hope to set up regional teams for S.E.E.D ministry and thus we ask for your recommendation whom we should invite to the Summit.

In Christ and His Mission,
Đồng-Hành S.E.E.D Ministry Team

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


April 26-29, 2012

Start: Thursday evening 7:30 pm
End: Sunday afternoon 2:30 pm

Anh Quang Chi Tuyet's house, Denver, Colorado

  1. To deepen our bond and friendship in the Lord as we are called together to serve God in the youth and young adults
  2. To share and dream as we strive to clarify and come to a better understanding and embracing together the current vision and mission of Dong Hanh-CLC YaYA ministries as well as its identity
  3. To collaborate and strategize together, along with the Dong Hanh BPV and Formation Team on a structure and strategy of growth in the next 3 years, in spirituality, community, missions and services
  4. To elect and empower the Regional Teams, Regional coordinators as well as the new National coordinator
Who? Scope?
In hopes to accomplish the above objectives, we envision a summit gathering a maximum of 45-50 people.
The attendants:
  1. The current national and regional YaYA ministries team
  2. Religious, adults, young adults and youth who hear God's call to serve the youth and young adults in the next 3 years, especially the ones who are currently journeying closely with youth and young adults groups.
  3. Cha Tuyen Uy and representatives from the following:
    a) Dong Hanh National and Regional BPV (1 representative from each region)
    b) Dong Hanh and CLC-USA Formation Team
    c) CLC-USA youth and young adults representative
    d) SEED Team
    e) Family Ministry
Registration process?
The attendants can register through the regional BPV. The regional BPV can send the final list to chi Tuyet Tran.
The communication between the regional BPV and the current YaYA ministries core team is highly encouraged in order to discern together to find, confirm, and send people to the summit.
Here are the suggested communication channels:
     BPV Canada - David Pham (
     BPV Tay Nam and Bac Cali - Nhi Ngo (
     BPV Trung Tay - chi Tuyet Tran (
     BPV Dong Bac - Thai Son Tran (

Registration deadline:
In hopes to have the necessary amount of time for the pre-summit preparation and for the hosting of this event,
We aim for the registration deadline to be on February 20, 2012.

The registration will be closed when there are 50 people registered before the deadline

Financial support?
We will have support from YaYA ministries and Dong Hanh national. We also hope to have support at the regional level as well.
You can request the financial support by writing an email to your regional BPV and cc to:

An Mai: (Representative of National BPV)
Quynh-Huong Dao: (National treasurer)
Thai Son Tran: (National YaYA ministries team coordinator)

On behalf of Dong Hanh BPV and YaYA ministries,
An Mai
Thai-Son Tran