Friday, April 9, 2010

Becoming Catholic—Reflections Of A Former United Methodist Clergywoman


On Pentecost Sunday last year, I officially became a Catholic. My former parishioners, Protestant friends and colleagues, even family who know me so well, would ask, “Why?” Interested and curious, they listened in earnest attention as I repeated the simple version: My becoming Catholic is a natural result of my spiritual and intellectual journey.

How could I ever put into words—even to those who know me so well—my lifelong movement in this direction? When I reflect on my past—the rosary I found at my feet in the woods when I was praying at age 15, the slow realization that I have been a contemplative all of my life, the attraction to and affinity with medieval women mystics, a deep longing to live in Christian community—I am aware all these factors and more brought me to the point of no return. The decision was almost made for me. All I had to do was stand at the altar and embrace it.

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