Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018 Midwest SEED Source

Dear SEED Organizers and SEED Team,

Thanks be to God! Another SEED Source of Midwest came and gone with much grace, gratitude and a “magis” sense of renewed commitment to serve God. Twenty one young adults, a process guide (chi Thu Tam from Austin) and six organizers (AC Van Tuyen/SEED coordinators of Midwest from Wichita KS), AC Thuy Anh-Khanh (Houston), Thai-Thuy) gathered in Houston for the first time to support and participate in the mission. The young adults: some flew in; others drove from multiple cities of the Midwest region stretching far and wide: Denver, Wichita, Wichita Falls, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin and Houston. The Core Team did an amazing job in leading SEED Source (Vincent Cao, Ngoc Anh, Thanh Tu, Chau and Thao An).

On Friday, a number of các anh chị Dong Hanh-CLC of Liên Nhóm Houston also dropped by to greet the young adults; some joined them for lunch and dinner throughout the workshop. On Saturday night, Thai Son & Hoang Dung (drove in from Dallas representing the Midwest BPV) and the Midwest Young Adults catalyst team members (c. M. Trinh, a. Khanh, c. T. Anh and An Nguyen) also came by for a visit. There were much love and laughter, many warm embraces and endless encouragement. The Midwest YA Catalyst Team stayed for SS by Night and social time afterwards.

Words cannot express the tremendous love and grace that we have experienced. Perhaps it is best to share with you the responses of ca'c em young adults when asked "What Draw You To Serve?"
God WAS unequivocally here with các em from the start; all that we had to do was to observe the interaction between các em. Let the sharing below permeate your hearts as it did in ours:
  • "I believe that God is calling me to become a better person.
  • Feeling closer to God and his creation calls me to serve.
  • I feel like I do not show God that I love Him. God has helped me through many things and do simple things for other people or just by helping out around the house more can be a way that I can show that I love Him. 
  • HOPE
  • Throughout my life, I have heard God's calling through people that I know and don't know. I feel inadequate in responding, but I feel that I should trust him and allow Him to lead me to deeper water. SEED Ministry is where he wants me to cast my net. 
  • With you guiding, I will go wherever you want me to, even if it's the unknown. With your love, I will love your people to show my gratitude, serve them with both my gifts and weaknesses. LOVE, I will do anything for love.
  • God calls me to focus on myself. I have been focused on such meaningless distractions. I should just be focusing on love.
  • God has put me through tough times so that I may learn from these experiences and acknowledge His presence. He calls me to share with others his voice and graces so that others may find God through their troubles too. 
  • "Do you love me?" It's a question that many of us struggle with but with all of the support we get from each other and the spiritual groups we are a part of. I think this question gets to the roots of "Why I serve." So many children grow up and learn to believe in God, but almost none of them choose to love him. That's why I serve. So that we can all learn to love him more dearly.
  • God challenges me by giving too many "sheep" food. I spread his love too, but also challenging me to feel this love too.
  • I love you Lord, your blessings on our families is unreal. I love you, I will love the people you love to show you my love for you Lord!!!
  • I saw God when I finally caught the fish. I saw how He was there for me, how He believed in me.
  • I find joy in saving other people. I was required to do services before my Confirmation. I thought it would make me more busy with my life, yet I never knew it would be entertaining. I find my purpose in life serving others, and I'm grateful.
  • I feel called to serve God, His love for me is infinite and I want to learn how to love God infinitely, and be a better Catholic. Through actions and faith, I can serve God better.
  • Despite all of my insecurities and shortcomings, I continue to serve to encounter God in others and myself.
  • In contemplation, I rowed out to sea and before I couldn't catch any fish the sun rose with a rainbow. It signaled a fresh start of a new day filled with struggles and a hint of a reward. Belief is what was felt. Just as God believes in me. So I will believe in him. Need for food is common. The act of sharing it with others and the want to cook it for each other is another form of love."

And so, thank you for your prayers and support. May God continue to accompany the SEED ministry, the young adults and each one of us every step of the way.

Reporting from MidWest Region with much love and admiration,
minhthuy & thai

On a side note: a bunch of them went to 85 Degree Bakery after SEEDSource and their random act of kindness was noticed by a friend of ours (that we have not seen in 36 years) who came to US from Japan for a visit speak volume the characters of DongHanh young adults. We are so very proud of what they'd done.

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